Nail Technology

Portland Beauty Academy’s Nail Technology program prepares you for the thriving Nail Care industry with hands-on training and practical assessments.

Nail the Future: Your Path to Success in Nail Care

The professional Nail Care industry is one of the fastest-growing and popular fields of cosmetology. As our thousands of graduates can testify, Portland Beauty Academy is dedicated to providing an excellent, foundational education and our Nail Technology program is specifically designed to help you succeed in becoming licensed Nail Technician. Our extensive, self-paced program offers training in manicures, pedicures, and nail enhancement techniques that will prepare you for work in today’s high-end salons and nail spas.

As a student, you will receive personalized and individual training in the arts and sciences of Nail Technology. Subjects you will study include:



Polish Application (Lacquer and Gel)

Artificial Nail Enhanchment

Hand and Foot Massage

Infection Control

Nail Diseases and Disorders

Salon Business

Oregon Law

A Competency-Based Program for Success

The Nail Technology program is a competency-based learning plan designed to prepare students to work in the Nail Technology industry. Practical education is completed within the classroom (where students learn by exchanging services on each other) and on the clinic floor (where students provide services to guests). In order to complete the competency requirements for their program, students must complete a set number of services, written examinations and practical examinations. If all theory and practical requirements are met at the end of the core program, the student may choose to graduate immediately, or choose to continue their education and training on the clinic floor (up to 600 hours/contract end date). Cosmetology coursework is modeled after the Milady’s Standard Nail Technology Fundamentals 7th Edition textbook.
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