Hair Services

Service Price
Haircut w/ Shampoo $7
Haircut w/ Shampoo and Blow Dry $9
Shampoo Only $3
Shampoo Set & Style $15
Bang, Beard, and Neck Trim $3
Special Occasion Style $15+
Scalp Treatment $15
Thermal Style $15+
Braids $8+
Deep Condition $10

Color Services

Service Price
All Over Color $30+
Fashion Fantasy Color $50+
Touch Up Color $25
All Over Lightener $40+
Touch Up Lightener $30+
Toner $15
Full Highlight $45+
Partial Highlight $35+
Extra Bowl of Color $10 per 4oz
Gentle Cleanse $30.00+
Additional Lightener $15.00
Toner $15.00+
Accent Highlight (1-4 Foils) $10.00
Balayage $60.00+
Perm Wave $30.00+
Relaxer $35.00+
Relaxer Touch Up $25.00
Extra box of perm $10.00
Extra Bowl of Fashion/Lightner/Perm/Color $15.00 per 4 oz

Facial Treatments

Service Duration Price Description
Express Facial 30 minutes $15.00 Cleansing, hydrating, and smoothing treatment. Recommended once every 2 weeks.
Dermalogica Classic Facial 60 minutes $25.00 Comprehensive treatment including cleansing, exfoliation, massage, masque, and more. Recommended once every 2 weeks.
Back Facial 60 minutes $30.00 Specialized treatment customized for specific skin needs. Recommended once every 2 weeks.
European Facial 60-75 minutes $30.00 Comprehensive facial treatment with exfoliation, extraction, and more. Bi-monthly treatments recommended.
Microdermabrasion 30-45 minutes $40.00 and up Mechanical exfoliation for fresh, glowing skin. Recommended with a series of treatments and anti-aging products.
Microdermabrasion and Facial 60-75 minutes $60.00 Mechanical exfoliation followed by a basic facial. Best with a series of treatments and anti-aging products.
O2Lift 45-60 minutes $50.00 Luxurious treatment with oxygen infusion and rejuvenating ingredients. Recommended every two weeks.
Signature Lift (4-Layer Vitamin C Peel) 30 minutes $40.00 Vitamin C and fruit enzymes blend for exfoliation and hydration. Recommended every two weeks.
Wrinkle Lift (Level I) 30 minutes $45.00 Blend of glycolic acid and retinol for fine lines and revitalization. Recommended every two weeks.
Wrinkle Lift (LEVEL II) 30 minutes $45.00 For more advanced signs of aging with deeper wrinkles and loss of elasticity. Recommended every month.
Acne Lift (Level I) 30 minutes $55.00 Powerful blend of glycolic and salicylic acid for blemishes and acne-prone skin. Recommended every two weeks.
Beta Lift (Level II) 30 minutes $60.00 Powerful salicylic acid treatment for Acne Grades III and IV. Recommended every month.
Jessner’s Lite (Level II) 30 minutes $65.00 Blend of exfoliating agents for advanced aging skin and unwanted pigmentation. Recommended every month.


Service Price
Make-Up Application $15
Eyebrow or Arch Wax $8
Lip or Chin Wax $6
Arm Wax $25
Half Arm Wax $15
Under Arm Wax $15
Upper or Lower Leg Wax $15
Full Leg Wax $30+
Bikini Wax $25+
Belly Wax $10+
Back or Chest Wax $25


Service Price
Nail Clipping/Shaping $5
Regular Polish Change $6
Sport Manicure* $8
Basic Manicure $10
Spa Manicure $16
Sport Pedicure* $11
Basic Pedicure $15
Spa Pedicure $20
Acrylic Full Set $15
Acrylic Fill $9
Full Set Gel $20
Gel Fill $11
Removal w/ New Set $6
Removal Only $10
Nail Repair (each) $3
Gel Polish $10
Soak Off $10
Nail Art (per nail) $3
Nail Art Full Set $10

Hair Services

Haircut w/ Shampoo$7
Haircut w/ Shampoo and Blow Dry$9
Shampoo Only$3
Shampoo Set & Style$15
Bang, Beard, and Neck Trim$3
Special Occasion Style$15+
Scalp Treatment$15
Thermal Style$15+
Deep Condition$10
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